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National Satellite Telecommunication services is a solution provider company under the umbrella of al sabaiea national cont. & Gen. Trading company that was established back in 1983, a private limited Kuwaiti company that has grown in the past few years to four divisions construction & contracting, satellite telecommunication services, LINEX and Amusement.

Al Sabaiea signed international services provider agreement in 2003 with Thuraya as well as PCO (Public Calling Offices) Agreement that through the company had enormous activities in Iraq, Africa, Iran, Kuwait and Afghanistan. In January 2005 al Sabaiea signed national service provider agreement with Thuraya for the Territory – state of Kuwait.

NSTS Thuraya Launching Ceremony

Kuwait city, march 7, 2005: Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications company on Monday officially launched its services in Kuwait in conjuction with Nation Satellite Telecommunications services (NSTS), Thuraya’s service provider in Kuwait.

Mr. Jamal Al-Jarwan, Chief Commercial Officer of Thuraya told press conference that “Thuraya is pleased to launch its commercial services in Kuwait. We are encouraged by the support extended to thuraya by the Kuwaiti regulatory bodies and by our shareholder MTC”.

He said that Thuraya is looking forward to a fruitful business opportunity in kuwait and to providing high quality satellite communications tot complement the telecom networks. He went on to add that “Thuraya have developed many solutions and applications to meet the needs of our various key market segments in the region such as oilrigs, industrial sites and rural areas. Thuraya has many offerings and applications for all sectors such as the fixed docking unit, payphone and maritime terminal.”

Thuraya is a private joint stock company which was established in 1997 and the manufacture of $1 billion turnkey project was contracted to Hughes Space and communications International. Inc (Boeing Satellite System)

Mr. Ali Shabir, Chief Executive Officer of NSTS says that we are honored to create an alliance with Thuraya. The leading satellite operator in the world. Our business relationship with Thuraya is important to us, and Thuraya’s offering will vastly expand our portfolio”.

Thuraya dual mode handheld phones (satellite + GSM) offer mobile telecommunication service to more than 100 countries in Europe, north and central Africa, Middle East, Central Asian countries and South Asia.

Thuraya phones are sleek and compact and come with the dynamic ability to intrgrate voice, data, fax, location, determination service (GPS) and other value added services such as short message services.

Thuraya subscribers can browse the Internet anytime and anywhere in the coverage area using Thuraya’s direct dial up access to the Internet in its satellite mobile phone.

The service does not require ‘logging on’, nor does it ask for a user name and password. However, Thuraya post-paid subscribers need prior activation of the data service in order to connect to the Internet.

Thuraya’s Country Manager said that Thuraya handheld phone integrates satellite, GSM and GPS and offers a wide range of services including voice, date, fax, short messaging and location determination.

“Thuraya also offers satellite pay phones and other rural telephony solutions I addition to indoor usage accessories. Your Thuraya enables to access local GSM networks and link to satellite mode outside of that service area. If you are in Thuraya’s coverage area call from, anywhere in the world. If you are outside Thuraya’s coverage area you may be able to use Thuraya on GSM mode in area with compatible standards.”

He also said that Thuraya’s products represents a great value to maritime in need of integrated vice, fax and data services offering an ideal solution for pleasure boaters, fishermen and commercial fleet.

He added that Thuraya’s cost effective nd easy solutions to manage on ship call operations, allows vessel owners and operators to provide both official and personal communications from the single phone.

“Thuraya’s crew calling solution simultaneously supports pre-paid calling for individual crew-members and subscriptions services for a corporate communications of the vessels.

He said Thuraya’s Public Calling Office (PCO) is lucrative business for enterprises and individuals, adding it allow both service providers and PCO owners to offer a wide range of telecommunication services to rural areas.

“The solution has considerable revenue potential and offers flexible payment control options for both the PCO owners and service providers.”

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